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Whether you represent a corporate, a consultancy, a government or an MSSP, we’d love to hear from you. To discover just how our offensive security contractors could help, get in touch.

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Tom Kallo

Research Director & Contractor


Tom is Research Director of Atlan Digital Research & Development Limited and ran Atlan Digital Limited for two years working with numerous stock exchange and FS clients providing and technically managing contractor teams for vulnerability identification. He was formerly a Technical Manager in KPMG UK’s Cyber Defense Services practice, having focused on regulatory driven threat intelligence led CBEST & TBEST & FS-STAR engagements in the UK (& Saudi Arabia) and before as Founder & Principal Consultant at Hunnic Cyber focusing on Adversary Simulation & Source Code review in Luxembourg, UAE and other regions for Oil& Gas, Government, and other clients.

He was initally trained at SECFORCE, after which he joined KPMG UK where he performed his first CBEST in 2017 and worked on the world’s first TBEST in 2018.

He is OSCP certified, has completed Sensepost’s BlackOps Master Training alongside The US Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Cyber Security (ICS) Training.

He has also achieved the Practical Threat Hunting certificate by Applied Network Defence and has completed numerous other trainings around Active Directory Attacks & Defense, Social Engineering, Kubernetes, Purple Teaming, Windows Internals and Exploit Development. Additionally,

Tom has completed a Smart Contract Hacking Course and is a Certified Blockchain Security Professional. He has spoken as a plenary speaker at the Luxembourg Cyber Security Summit in 2020 and has delivered Red Team training seminars at GCHQ accredited Information Security programmes at Royal Holloway and Greenwich Universities around Red Teaming in London in 2018.

He has worked in the financial services, oil & gas, FMCG, government, space & satellite, heavy industries sectors both onsite and remotely in the UK, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Hungary and Luxembourg.

Adolf Luczay-Mazula

Lead Researcher - Turul and MalwareGAN


Adolf is Atlan Digital Research & Development’s research lead and has overall responsibility for our Research and Development efforts, alongside maintaining our lab environments and performing consulting.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at University of Szeged. He also has a Computer Science degree from John von Neumann University.

He spent 13 months undergoing training at Atlan Digital Limited with a prior 4 months, experience of complex software development for IBM in Hungary.

He has completed numerous advanced trainings around Advanced Malware Development, Red Team Operations, Windows Evasion, Generative Adversarial Networks, C2 Development with C#, Assembly Language x86-x64, Windows Internals and Windows Kernel Programming.

He is the lead developer of Turul and numerous other internal tooling around defence evasion, blue teaming and Kubernetes enumeration and exploitation tooling.

He has worked on multiple red team engagements in the financial services sector, alongside some infrastructure testing, shadowing more senior team members. Additionally, he has conducted research into N-Day and 0 Day development in the Windows Kernel WarBird structure alongside some early-stage enumeration and vulnerability identification in an RTOS; QNX Neutrino.

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Whether you represent a corporate, a consultancy, a government or an MSSP, we’d love to hear from you. To discover just how our offensive security contractors could help, get in touch.