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Atlan Digital develops innovative technologies.

We work at the intersection of offensive security and machine learning and are developing world class commercial solutions.

Command and Control Framework - Turul

Modern Red Teams need to stay current with a technology stack that moves ahead at lightening speed. Many teams will have resorted to using Open Source or Commercial tooling to deliver their adversary simulation engagements.

Already with the success of our MalwareGAN techniques, we took a leading Open Source C2, and redeveloped the backend, beaconing, frontend, and C2. Having already been battle tested against mature clients, and in our internal lab environments, we took our knowledge of working with best in class commerical tools and made them better and easier to use.

Many of the techniques incorporated in Turul, are being used by the most sopisticated Threat Actors. Incorporating clustering attacks against leading EDRs and network anomaly detection systems, deployable post exploitation modules, and much more. Turul and its operators emulate determined threat actors, with development continually progressing.

We expect a public release in Q1/Q2 2024.

Tom Kallo



While Turul is in its Alpha release, it is a fully functioning Command and Control framework powered by our Alpha Version MalwareGAN server API, and with numerous capabilities employing advanced techniques like steganography, public key encryption, inbuilt evasion, malleable profiles and much more.

Visit our project introduction page where you can see where the current development is at.


Delivering one of the only trainings around Machine Learning for Red Teams - we understand the intersection of ML and Offensive Security. Coupled with the fact that our developers and consultants have worked on some of the most high profile Adversary Simulation engagements in the world, we have an inimate understanding of the EDR landscape and tooling used by Blue Teams and Threat Hunters.

Armed with this knowledge we set about building automated tooling to systematically reverse engineer ML based defensive detection systems. We are continually working in this area, but have presented some examples of where our methodogies have born fruit, including powering Turul.

While the vision for the MalwareGan, has extended beyond it's original scope, we have proved our techniques against the Top Gartner EDRs and are applying these methodologies against other anomaly detection tools.

Our capability can be requested to enhance your Red Team or other services where our expertise can add value.



While we are only at the outset of this development - with a vision to develop laser precision to result in a highly extensible, distributed, and secure network of systems for precisly identifying and breaking correlative threasold values within blackbox anomaly detection systems across the entire killchain and generating code to do so.

As we progress and gain access to new tooling, continue to develop our automation, and progress forward, we aim to release varying levels of Evasion-as-a-Service offerings across a range of software solutions employed by security professionals or government organisations.

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Whether you represent a corporate, a consultancy, a government or an MSSP, we’d love to hear from you. To discover just how our offensive security contractors could help, get in touch.