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Whether you represent a corporate, a consultancy, a government or an MSSP, we’d love to hear from you. To discover just how our offensive security contractors could help, get in touch.

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Atlan Digital Limited
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Atlan Digital

Elite offensive security consulting for consultancies, MSSPs, corporates & governments.

Our Services

We support astute organizations and their solution providers, helping them to solve offensive security challenges.

Atlan Digital spearheads a network of highly experienced British and European contractors, building out from our contracting leads. We can scale right up or right down to support your organisation's needs to perform varied, demanding offensive security engagements.

We work at the intersection of a security consultancy and a recruitment firm, utilizing our years of experience while not being constrained by the inherent policies, hierarchies and rigidity of traditional consulting firms. We efficiently manage all of our contracts, and only use experts in their respective fields. When engaged to work on complex offensive security challenges, we deliver keen focus, outstanding results and timely deliverables.

Atlan Digital
  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Source Code Review
  • Thick/Thin Client
  • API Testing
  • Training

We can perform application penetration testing to identify security vulnerabilities resulting from insecure development practices in the design, coding and publishing phases of enterprise applications.

Atlan Digital
Red Teaming
  • Adversary Simulation (xBEST, FS-Star, A.I.T. experience)
  • Threat Hunting
  • Social Engineering
  • Tooling & Exploit Development
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Training

Red Teaming is critical for mature organizations to enhance their cyber resilience. We can provide experts that can deliver end-to-end top tier Red Team engagements.

Atlan Digital
ICS (SCADA) Hacking
  • Network Architecture Analysis
  • Documentation Review
  • Infrastructure Scanning & Exploitation
  • Protocol Fuzzing & Reverse Engineering
  • Detection & Response
  • Training

Supported by carefully-selected and trusted contractors, we work discretely and with absolute dedication, to assess complex operational technology environments.

Atlan Digital
  • Azure & O365 Pentesting
  • Google Cloud Pentesting
  • AWS Pentesting
  • External Infrastructure Assault
  • Internal/Scenario Exploitation
  • Build Review - (Server/Workstation)

We can provide consultants to provide expert level attack surface coverage across a wide range of infrastructure associated with your enterprise.

Our Consultants

We only use experts and specialists.

Our consultants are mature, highly skilled security specialists that have proven themselves time and again in their domains.

We have a team of more than twenty (and constantly expanding), with a range of qualifications. However, beyond the SANS, Offensive Security, CREST and other accreditations they hold, our consultants have world class experience, many who have refined their skillset over a decade of providing security advisory to the most demanding clients in the world. Our consultants know how to work in challenging conditions and for demanding clients, and are not afraid to challenge you if we believe we can help you improve your security posture.

We work as a cohesive team, with our consultants complementing each others' skillsets - we assemble world class project teams to provide bespoke security assurance for your organisation.

Atlan Digital
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Whether you represent a corporate, a consultancy, a government or an MSSP, we’d love to hear from you. To discover just how our offensive security contractors could help, get in touch.