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Whether you represent a corporate, a consultancy, a government or an MSSP, we’d love to hear from you. To discover just how our offensive security contractors could help, get in touch.

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Atlan Digital Limited
86-90 Paul Street

Atlan Digital

Offensive Security Research & Development.

Our Services

Atlan Digital was formerly a contractor driven security consultancy and research company. We now focus on security R&D in Red Team, CNO, Machine Learning, Reverse Engineering, and provide minimal subcontractor services for various consulting and research firms.

Atlan Digital
Red Teaming
  • Adversary Simulation (xBEST, FS-Star, A.I.T. experience)
  • Threat Hunting
  • Social Engineering
  • Tooling & Exploit Development
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Training
Atlan Digital
ICS (SCADA) Hacking
  • Network Architecture Analysis
  • Documentation Review
  • Infrastructure Scanning & Exploitation
  • Protocol Fuzzing & Reverse Engineering
  • Detection & Response
  • Training
Atlan Digital
  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Source Code Review
  • Thick/Thin Client
  • API Testing
  • Training
Atlan Digital
  • Azure & O365 Pentesting
  • Google Cloud Pentesting
  • AWS Pentesting
  • External Infrastructure Assault
  • Internal/Scenario Exploitation
  • Build Review - (Server/Workstation)
  • Intrusion Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Smart Buildings
  • ICS Plants
  • Corporate Entry